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National Tom Sawyer Days
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(слайд 1) National Tom Sawyer Days
(слайд 2) National Tom Sawyer Days is a yearly event which is held in
Hannibal, Missouri, the USA.

(слайд 3) Hannibal is the hometown of the famous author Mark Twain,
the writer of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

(слайд 4) National Tom Sawyer Days is for the young and the young at
heart. Visitors from all over the world come to experience the
history of Hannibal, through the eyes of Mark Twain. The
National Tom Sawyer Days celebration began in 1956 with a
Tom Sawyer Fence Painting Contest and a Tom and Becky
In 1961 it became a national event, and today the festival
spans five days and includes a number of unique

(Слайд 5) Contents
(Слайд 6-8) Contestants for the fence-painting competition, who must
be 10-13 years old, come from the 10 states bordering the
Mississippi River. They are judged of their costumes (which
must be based on details from Mark Twain’s book), the
speed with which they can whitewash a four-by-five-foot
section of fence, and the quality of their work.
The idea for this contest comes from a scene in Tom Sawyer,
in which Tom has been told to paint the fence in front of the
house he lives in. Aunt Polly punishes Tom to paint the fence,
but little Tom asked some friends to help him paint the
fence. Children from place to place aged from ten to
thirteen will dress up as Tom, because the costume is one of
the 3 standards for evaluation. The other two dominating
factors are the speed and the quality of painting the fence.

(Слайд 9) Although the story of Tom Sawyer is fiction, it's based on fact.
If you go to Hannibal, you'll see the white fence, which still
stands at Twain's boyhood home.

(Слайд 10) The Frog Jump Competition is another of the festival’s
highlights. Each participant brings their own frog. The frogs
are placed at a starting line. The first frog to jump across the
finish line wins, or the frogs owner wins.

(Слайд 11-14) Some jumped far, some didn't feel like jumping at all.
The local Boy Scouts collect LOTS of frogs. Big, green, slimy
frogs are collected for the frog jumping event. You can
bring your own frog or you can rent a frog.
The Boy Scouts return all of the frogs back into the wild.

Usually if the frog jumps and the crowd cheers the kids focus
on making that frog move. Slapping the ground, a water spray
gun and a gentle nudge are all proven methods to make the
frogs jump the farthest.

(Слайд 15) Competitors for the Tom and Becky competition must be
eight grades living in Hannibal, and the winners serve as
goodwill ambassadors for the year.

(Слайд 16-17) Twenty Toms and Beckys enter the competition, where
they are judged for their costumes, role-playing of scenes
from the book Tom Sawyer, and knowledge of Hannibal’s
history and attractions.

(Слайд 18) The top five girls and five boys will spend many weekends
during the next year strolling the streets and attending
various out-of-state events in full costume as ambassadors
for the city of Hannibal.

(Слайд 19) But there's one event that girls look forward to every year...
The Tomboy Sawyer contest.
The Tomboy Sawyer contest is open to girls from ages 10 to
12. They are judged on their costume, bubble gum blowing,
watermelon seed spitting distance, and their gunny sack race

(Слайд 20) Аll the contestants stand in a row. One at a time, the one to
spit their watermelon seed the furthest wins.

(Слайд 21) Each participant is given a piece of bubble gum. The one to
blow the biggest bubble wins.

(Слайд 22) Each contestant climbs into a gunny sack. Beginning at a
starting line, at the word "Go!" each contestant will hop in
their gunny sack to the finish line. First one there wins.

(Слайд 23-25) The Mud Volleyball Tournament
Mud volleyball tournament is a great way to have fun.
Since the player's mobility is so limited, each team must
have a minimum of 4, of which at least 2 must be women,
so it is mixed play.
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